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This comprehensive e-learning module brings your executives fully up to speed on the specific data protection responsibilities of management in just 60 minutes. Course participants quickly achieve a high level of data protection awareness that relates directly to their everyday work and empowers them as best practice role models for the correct handling of sensitive data.

Downloadable certification is available to all participants after the online training is completed.
Read on to learn more about how our powerful e-learning package empowers your executives and makes your company a data protection leader!

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With our online training, your managers will develop a sustainable data protection awareness for their daily work and will be prepared for their special data protection responsibilities.



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Our Privacy for Executives online training thoroughly prepares managers and executives for the special privacy challenges of their roles. It includes the following topics:

  • Personal data | Data requiring special protection
  • Justification for data processing | Justification for employee data processing | Consent | Authorization concepts | TOM/Clean-Desk-Policy
  • Earmarking | pseudonymization | data minimization | transparency | memory limitation | correctness | employee monitoring
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment | Directory of Processing Activities | Contract Processing Contract (AVV)
  • Dealing with the rights of affected persons | Sanctions for managers

Data protection is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s now a pan-European legal requirement with heavy sanctions for lack of compliance. The EU Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) has been effective since May 25, 2018, and has significantly changed risk management requirements around data protection for companies of all sizes.

In a German context, one of the most drastic changes compared to the previous Federal Data Protection Act of 2009 is the increased level of sanctions relating to DSGVO violations. These fines can reach up to €20 million (or 4% of annual sales).

Fines for violations of the DSGVO can also be imposed on employees. It is therefore essential that all employees (particularly at senior levels) are fully trained on and aware of data protection processes and requirements. This is an essential part of managing data protection risk for companies, employees, and customers alike and helps ensure transparency and compliance.

Data protection is a universal issue.

Virtually all modern companies find themselves processing personal data daily, often hundreds or thousands of times. It is imperative that all related IT systems are fully in accordance with Article 4 of the DSGVO. And, logically, all employees actually using those systems need to be operating in full compliance with the legislation in order to avoid the risk of sanctions.

Early and thorough training for all relevant employees is the most cost-effective way to manage this risk and ensure compliance at all levels of your organisation. This is particularly the case with employees in managerial and leadership positions where additional specialized training helps them effectively educate their teams and ensure compliance across the organisation.

Our new e-learning Data Protection for Executives helps tick all the boxes above for your organisation. It empowers and protects your senior managers, and enables you to meet specific DSGVO-related HR requirements with ease.

Leadership entails greater power within an organisation and, of course, greater responsibility. Senior executives typically have access to a far wider set of data than most employees simply as a consequence of their role. Extremely high levels of data protection awareness are therefore an absolute requirement for managers and leaders at all levels of modern organisations.

Complete clarity around when and by whom data may be processed must be present at all times. It’s also crucially important to point out that different types of data are subject to different levels of data protection risk.
The ultimate responsibility for ensuring data protection compliance is maintained at all times falls to those who are in managerial positions. They are also expected to fully understand which legal sanctions are in play in the event of a data protection incident. Comprehensive training on the issues involved is the best way of protecting your employees and your organisation. This also enables you to meet the stringent requirements which exist in today’s legislative environment.

How long does your Executive Data Protection training course take?

Alongside pedagogical excellence, we place a high premium on efficiency of learning at lawpilots. Course modules are engaging, informative, and inculcate core principles quickly.

Trainings typically take between 15-60 minutes. We’ve found this to be an ideal time window for learning. It’s enough time for course participants to fully concentrate on the content while still being able to quickly absorb key points and instantly integrate them into day-to-day working life.

Why lawpilots?

We deliver on the promise of our motto: Law. Simple. Understood.

lawpilots is a best-in-class online training solution specifically tailored to meet the legal demands of data protection, compliance, occupational health and safety, and information security.

We help you remove risk and enable practical understanding of complex legal issues at all levels of your organisation. Our training courses produce empowered employees who operate in compliance with the legal requirements demanded by digitization and modern knowledge work. The benefits for your organisation include better risk management and more effective, reliable employees and processes.

Our online training courses are professionally translated and fully localised in over 30 language and country versions, and are suitable for all types of companies, government agencies, and organizations.

We combine learning material with an exciting mix of real-world examples, gamification, expert interviews and infographics. Thanks to our modern online format, the training courses can be flexibly completed by employees alongside their everyday work.


We’re continually setting new standards in online legal learning. People love learning with us – over 90% of participants report high satisfaction rates!

Which parts of my organization should I consider data protection training for?

Data protection training is potentially relevant for all functions within an organisation, but some areas are more immediately relevant than others. After the Data Protection Officer (DPO) themself, IT is usually the first department to be considered as they will be responsible for implementing many of the DSGVO requirements. This is particularly relevant in regard to principles of data economy and data protection-friendly technical presettings. Similar points apply when it comes to product managers and product developers.

As a more general rule, all employees should have at least a basic knowledge of data protection law. In today’s environment, virtually all employees could potentially be involved in the processing of personal data – the issue is no longer one that only affects customer-facing employees and customer support staff.

To ensure internal data protection, it’s also crucially important that you provide separate training for your HR department (and any internal employee representative bodies which you may have).

How do online training and e-Learning work? What is e-Learning?

“E-learning” has been with us for quite some time. It’s a collective term for electronically supported learning and the use of digital media for knowledge transfer. In particular, it refers to web- and computer-based forms of learning (with and without human interaction) such as independent use of digital learning programs, instruction in virtual and 3D rooms, forums, chats, video conferences and webinars.

E-learning typically takes place at companies, with professional training providers, at universities, schools and vocational schools, and in the private sector. Though the efficacy of e-learning will always depend on the quality of the source material, psychological studies have shown it to have great advantages over all other forms of learning.

Digital media allow users to combine multiple learning methods and media while absorbing information in a playful way e.g. via videos, graphics and interactive quizzes. Participants are free to focus on options which suit their learning preferences, can return to specific content or topic areas as often as desired, and set their own learning pace.

E-learning enables a whole suite of options which aren’t available with traditional methods and means course content is easily adapted to suit the individual needs of both organisations and end users. Knowledge acquired via e-learning can also be easily shared and disseminated via digital platforms, and group learning (either onsite or remote) is simple to implement.

These gains in freedom and flexibility also have a positive effect on learning motivation – a key aspect of overall learning success. Perceived mental effort is reduced and motivation steadily builds. E-learning also provides effective “positive feedback” throughout all stages which further boosts student satisfaction and overall success.

Finally, e-learning also delivers considerable budgets in terms of time, money, overall employee satisfaction. The ability to provide affordable, modern, best-in-class training to employees about topics which are often a source of anxiety and error is an enormous advantage to any organisation.

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