These companies train their employees with lawpilots


These companies train their employees with lawpilots

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Contents of the
AI Online Course

  1. What is AI?
  2. What potential does AI offer?


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Quick Facts

  • 5 Minutes
  • 5+ Languages
  • Integration in your internal LMS (SCORM, TinCAN/xAPI, AICC)
  • Or usage of the lawpilots online platform

Innovative AI Online Course: Experience the Future of Learning




By utilising microlearning, mastering the basics of AI becomes more efficient and accessible than ever before. In just five minutes, your employees will delve deeply into the topic without feeling overwhelmed. The AI online course seamlessly integrates into daily work life, enhancing attention and understanding of the subject.

Gamified Learning

Spielerisches lernen

Gamified Learning

We transform the AI online course into an exciting adventure by combining playful learning methods with interactive multimedia elements. This approach not only makes learning fun but also promotes the formation of new synapses in the brain, leading to sustainable knowledge retention. The positive learning experiences facilitate the transfer of learned content into daily work, allowing your teams to immediately apply the new knowledge.

Practical Learning

Praxisnahes Lernen

Practical Learning

Our focus in the AI online course is on practical learning aimed at conveying complex AI topics in a simple and understandable manner. Even employees without prior knowledge can easily access the subject and quickly implement what they’ve learned in their daily work.

Quiz for Knowledge Assessment


Quiz for Knowledge Assessment

At the end of the AI online course, we use an interactive quiz to entertainingly and effectively assess the acquired knowledge. This ensures that all participants have not only understood the content, but can also sustainably integrate it into their daily working life. 

Renowned Expertise for a Top-Quality AI Online Course

Elise Mola

Manager for Data Protection and AI Governance at SKAD

Elise Mola is a recognised expert in data protection and AI governance. Her expertise includes compliance with regulatory requirements for AI systems, global data protection management system rollouts, and GAP analyses for compliance verification. Elise Mola brings valuable practical experience in the risk assessment of data-sensitive AI projects and is a valued speaker on AI governance. Her work in quality assurance and stakeholder management in international compliance projects underscores her role as a leading expert in her field.

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The AI Online Course
at a Glance

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Frequently Asked Questions
about the AI Online Course

Why is the AI Online Course important for companies?

In today’s fast-paced business world, the importance of Artificial Intelligence cannot be understated. Companies that train their staff in the fundamentals of AI secure a significant competitive advantage, as they can drive innovations faster and establish more efficient work practices. A solid AI online course on the fundamentals enables your leaders and staff to make informed, data-driven decisions that improve business strategies and optimise processes. Thus, the AI online course is not just an investment in your company’s technological competence but also in its future viability. It creates a culture of innovation and lifelong learning, crucial for success in the digital era.

Who is the AI Online Course suitable for?

The AI online course is designed for a wide audience and is thus of great relevance to a variety of individuals across different roles and industries. It is ideal for executives and managers who need to make strategic decisions about the use of AI technologies in their company. A thorough basic understanding of AI enables them to effectively steer innovations and fully exploit the potential of these technologies. At the same time, the AI online course is designed to be easily accessible for participants without a technical background, making it a valuable resource for employees at all levels who might encounter AI in their daily work. Technologically savvy individuals and IT professionals will still find value in the AI online course, as it allows them to expand their existing knowledge and delve deeper into specific applications of AI.

HR and training officers can expand their team’s competencies and promote a culture of continuous improvement by participating in the AI online course. Likewise, the AI online course is crucial for compliance and risk management teams to understand and meet the growing regulatory requirements related to AI and data processing. Product and project managers benefit from an enhanced understanding of planning, executing, and managing AI projects, which helps them to effectively develop and implement innovative solutions. Marketing and sales staff, in turn, can use the knowledge gained to identify new strategies for customer engagement and retention and to better utilise the possibilities of data analysis. In summary, the AI online course offers a solid foundation for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Artificial Intelligence, regardless of their specific role or field. It establishes a common baseline of knowledge that enables the recognition, understanding, and utilisation of the diverse opportunities and challenges AI presents.

How long does the AI Online Course take?

The AI online course is specifically designed to fit into a hectic work schedule, distinguished by its efficiency and compactness. It lasts only five minutes, thus offering a quick yet profound introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence. This brief format ensures that even those under time constraints have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of AI and familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of this revolutionary technology.

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