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lawpilots wins eLearning Award 2022

For the twelfth time, the expert jury of the eLearning Journal presented the eLearning Award this year. The jury selected and awarded the best e-learning solutions from more than 300 project submissions. lawpilots convinced in the category methodology.

The joint project with Siemens is honoured with the eLearning Award 2022

Working away from the traditional desk within the four walls of a company-owned office building is not a new in

Due to numerous legal and organizational changes in export control, Siemens was looking for a new solution to train its employees worldwide in this area. Especially as an internationally operating technology company, this topic is essential. Furthermore, violations of applicable export control laws are punishable by severe fines and even imprisonment. Therefore, a fundamental sensitization of the workforce is vital to protect the company in the best possible way and to minimize risks. 

Siemens had the following requirements for the new online training: 

– attractive design of the online training 

– effective and efficient delivery of the learning content 

– formal correctness of the included legal topics 

– interactive and visually appealing design 

– sustainable anchoring of the content in the memory of the participants 

– high user-friendliness 

– short duration 

– consideration of diverse cultural aspects in the content 

After an international call for tenders, Siemens decided upon lawpilots and its innovative online training “Export Control and Dealing with Embargoes”. 

Project Progression

During a lockdown, remote work, as described, proves to be a survival strategy for many companies. But even beyond that, mobile working can hold its own against traditional workplace models from a business perspective. Even if companies have to provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure secure working

At the beginning of the project, a kick-off meeting between lawpilots and Siemens took place in July 2021. Subsequently, both parties met regularly to discuss and review the changes. In close cooperation between the project teams of Siemens and lawpilots, the content of the online training was individually adapted to the internal specifications and specifics of the group and provided by lawpilots in different languages such as German, English, Czech, Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Canadian French, Dutch, Chinese and Arabic. The numerous language versions were one of the project’s most significant challenges with the global corporation. The adaptation of the content and the translation happened within only 20 weeks. The creation of the multiple languages involved not only the translation of written content, but also the inclusion of audio tracks for videos and dialogue games and the adaptation of graphics.

A unique feature here was that lawpilots translated an online training into French-Canadian and Arabic for the first time in the company’s history. lawpilots adapted the Arabic e-learning linguistically and moreover its design due to the right-to-left spelling. The online training was then integrated into the group’s internal LMS as a SCORM file and made available to employees worldwide. The global rollout to all employees of Siemens, including the entire Group Executive Board, took place in February 2022. In the meantime, more than 106,000 people have already completed the e-learning.

The Result

Prominent examples show that more companies have recognized this potential and will use it beyond corona-related measures. For instance, the well-known car manufacturer Porsche recently announced that it would continue to allow its employees to work from their home offices for around two and a half weeks

“The e-learning exceeds our expectations. It fits perfectly into our “Bold Moves Campaign”, which aims to shorten internal mandatory compliance training and ensure an attractive, modern and interactive design. It takes only 15-20 minutes, and participants have fun doing it. Above all, we find the modern learning concept and the introductory video excellent. Furthermore, we are more than satisfied with the cooperation with lawpilots, especially because desired changes get always implemented within a short period of time.”

Dorothee Patzer, Compliance Officer, Siemens Mobility

Julia Doernen, Compliance Officer, Siemens China

All project participants of Siemens and lawpilots agree that the project is a complete success and that the employees accept the online training very well. The feedback is almost constantly positive, and both the innovative methodology and the interactivity of the e-learning get emphasized. Based on the employees’ statements, the new e-learning with its varied multimedia learning concept brings a breath of fresh air to this mandatory training, conveys fun and makes the complex content easy to understand. Furthermore, after completing the e-learning, each employee can provide feedback. The feedback gets collected and thoroughly analyzed by lawpilots to offer all participants an even better training experience in the future. 

“We are very proud that we could convince Siemens of our innovative and sustainable learning concept in a strong competition. Within the framework of a trusting and reliable cooperation, we successfully adapted and implemented this important, challenging project with global reach to the compliance regulations and language requirements for 300,000 employees in the best possible way.”

Johannes Jung, Corporate Key Account Manager, lawpilots

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