These companies train their employees with lawpilots


These companies train their employees with lawpilots

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Contents of the
AI E-learning Course

  1. What are the data privacy risks associated with the use of AI?
  2. What data protection measures are available?


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Quick Facts

  • 10 Minutes
  • 5+ Languages
  • Integration in your internal LMS (SCORM, TinCAN/xAPI, AICC)
  • Or usage of the lawpilots online platform

AI Mastery through E-learning: Innovative Course Design




By using microlearning, the learning process regarding the responsible and data protection-compliant use of AI is made not only more efficient but also more accessible. Within a very short time, your staff gains deep insights into the diverse and complex issues surrounding the topic, without feeling overwhelmed. The AI e-learning course effortlessly integrates into the daily work routine, promoting both attention and a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Gamified Learning

Spielerisches lernen

Gamified Learning

Gamified learning approaches turn the AI e-learning course into an engaging experience. By combining playful elements with interactive and multimedia content, the joy of learning gets increased and the sustainable embedding of the learned material in memory is also supported. The positive learning experience facilitates the application of the acquired knowledge in daily working life, allowing your staff to apply what they have learned directly.

Practical Learning

Praxisnahes Lernen

Practical Learning

The focus of the AI e-learning course is on an application-oriented learning approach that is designed to clearly and understandably convey the complex facets of data privacy risks associated with the use of AI. This enables individuals without prior knowledge to easily and directly access the necessary knowledge, which they can immediately use in their professional daily life.

Quiz for Knowledge Assessment


Quiz for Knowledge Assessment

The AI and data privacy risks training concludes with an interactive quiz. This method serves to consolidate the knowledge in a fun and effective way and to ensure that all participants have not only understood the content but are also able to successfully apply this knowledge in their professional everyday life.

Renowned Expertise for a First-Class AI E-learning Course

Elise Mola

Manager for Data Protection and AI Governance at SKAD

Benefit from excellent expertise in our AI e-learning course. Elise Mola is recognized as an authority in the field of AI governance and data protection. Her outstanding professional career is characterized by strict adherence to regulatory standards for AI applications, the establishment of international data protection frameworks, and the accurate execution of GAP analyses for compliance control. Her in-depth knowledge in risk analysis for AI projects with high data protection needs makes her perspectives in discussions about the management of artificial intelligence indispensable and widely recognized.

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The AI E-learning Course on Data Privacy Risks at a Glance

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Frequently Asked Questions About
the AI E-learning Course

Why is the AI E-learning Course important for companies?

The importance of training in the areas of artificial intelligence and data privacy risks for companies cannot be overstated. Given the rapid development and implementation of AI technologies in almost all business areas, it is essential that companies understand and comply with the associated legal and ethical obligations. Training is crucial to ensure that all employees have the necessary knowledge to adhere to data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This minimizes the risk of costly data breaches and promotes a culture of compliance throughout the company.

The AI e-learning course enables companies to recognize potential data privacy issues early on and take appropriate countermeasures to avert damage. This not only protects against financial losses but also preserves the reputation.

Who is the AI E-learning Course suitable for?

The AI e-learning course is suitable for companies of any size and industry that are either currently using artificial intelligence or considering its use. It is also suitable for training employees from various departments and hierarchical levels. From technology and IT professionals directly involved in the development and implementation of AI systems, to executives and decision-makers who decide on the strategic use

How long does the AI E-learning Course take?

The AI e-learning course lasts only ten minutes. This compact and efficient design allows participants to develop a well-founded understanding of the most important aspects and challenges in the field of AI and data protection risks in a short time. The brief duration makes the AI e-learning course ideal for use in a busy work environment, where it can often be difficult to reserve longer periods for further education. Despite its brevity, the training is designed to provide valuable insights and practical tips to prepare participants for responsible handling of AI technologies in accordance with current data protection regulations.

Any questions?

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