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lawpilots wins the 2021 eLearning AWARD for Methodology

lawpilots receives the 2021 eLearning AWARD in the methodology category for its work on a compliance e-learning project for Konica Minolta Europe.

The complexities of modern legislative frameworks mean that entrepreneurs are forced to pay increasingly close attention to the rules and regulations governing their business. Companies face heavy legal and economic repercussions if they fail to ensure that all employees comply with applicable laws and standards for day-to-day business.

Against this backdrop, the subject of compliance has become critical for major companies over recent years. Providing employees at all levels with the necessary specialist skills for internal and external behavior is a task that companies are finding increasingly difficult to cope with on their own.

With almost 10,000 employees spread across more than 80 countries, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe was faced with precisely this challenge. And the resulting online training developed with Berlin-based training platform provider lawpilots has now received the 2021 eLearning AWARD in the methodology category.

“Due to its strictly mandatory nature, compliance training is always an unloved stepchild at L&D, as well as with learners,”Christian Gauss-Kuntze, Senior Product
Manager Training at Konica Minolta

As a global operator, Konica Minolta is required to meet the highest compliance standards. It needs to protect employees, customers, and partners from the consequences of rule violations in areas such as equal treatment, corruption prevention, antitrust law, and dealing with trade secrets.

With this in mind, Konica Minolta opted for a digital training solution, and the requirements were high: a training course should not take more than 60 minutes, but still deliver a lasting learning effect. It should also take into account different types of learners and ultimately lead to improved internal and external security in the company. In addition, training had to be available to employees at all locations in a total of 19 languages.

As the high expectations could not be efficiently implemented with an internal solution, Konica Minolta chose lawpilots as an experienced provider of modern e-learning tools. Working closely with stakeholders at Konica Minolta, lawpilots tailored specific online training content for adaptation and integration into the company’s internal learning management system.

elearning courses: train with lawpilots

lawpilots online training courses use an engaging mix of interactive elements such as expert interviews, video tutorials, dialogue games, sketches, review cards, infographics and explanatory texts. This varied approach enables laypeople to quickly and easily understand complex issues. Use of gamification also makes it easier for learners to internalize and transfer learning material.

The training courses developed by lawpilots are specifically designed to take different types of learning preferences into account. Text-savvy users, for example, can skip visual elements without losing any content or context. Learning reinforcement and review is carefully monitored chapter by chapter to ensure retention as learners progress through modules.

The entire training is independent of location and time giving users the ability to pause and manage their learning timetable independently using the lawpilots management cockpit.

“The media-rich methodology of lawpilots’ solution, and above all its playful approach to managing learning objectives, have set completely new standards here. We also benefited hugely from the flexible working relationship with lawpilots which enabled us to find the best mix of generally available modules and implementation of our company-specific requirements,” added Christian Gauss-Kuntze when discussing his cooperation with lawpilots.

The jury of the annually-awarded eLearning AWARD came to the same conclusion. Each year, from a field of more than 200 candidates in German-speaking countries, it selects exemplary, innovative projects across over 50 categories on behalf of the eLearning Journal. lawpilots’ Compliance E-learning project for Konica Minolta was chosen as the winner in the “Methodology” category this year.

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