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Philipp von Bülow CEO of lawpilots for two years!

Congratulations on 2 years as CEO of lawpilots! What’s happened in that time?

A huge amount – the two years have gone by quickly! lawpilots has developed really well in that time. We’ve continued to grow our team and significantly expanded the range of e-learning courses we offer. For example, having training available in languages ​​such as Mandarin and Vietnamese is a huge step forward. We’ve also refined our training methodology and continue to improve the design of the training courses. I’m proud to announce that, as of this year, we’ve successfully trained over 500,000 employees worldwide and are also planning further expansion in the future. Our time in the USA was particularly special for me as it gave us the opportunity to acquire clients and train employees in a new market around CCPA.

Do you remember your first day at lawpilots?

Yes, I can still remember my first day very well! The whole team welcomed me warmly and I was delighted to meet so many new faces. There was a lot to take on board and I quickly recognized the potential of lawpilots’ e-learning approach. There were nine training courses at the time and I tested them all personally. I was so inspired by the quality that I felt confident starting customer meetings that same day.

What’s top of mind for you when you think of lawpilots’ future at the moment?

Digital transformation is a huge topic for companies in Europe and worldwide and that means enormous potential for continued growth in e-learning. Awareness of how effective e-learning is as a solution is also increasing. We want to leverage that opportunity to successfully train even more employees with our e-learning courses. Many countries are currently strengthening their data protection regulations which also expands our market. And topics such as compliance and information security are becoming increasingly important internationally. Brazil, Asia and South Africa are all extremely exciting markets for us. So, overall, the topic of internationalization will be incredibly important for us in the coming years. We’ve shown what we can do in Europe, now we want to show it to the world!

What have you learnt so far from the Corona crisis in terms of e-learning?

This crisis shows very clearly how important digital transformation is for companies. A strong workforce with extensive know-how is the key to being able to react quickly and flexibly to the type of short-term adjustments Corona requires. Let’s take data protection as an example. If employees know exactly how to handle data, remote and home offices can be established quickly and easily. E-learning is clearly the future for swift and sustainable knowledge transfer within companies. The Corona crisis can be seen as an accelerant for the recent enormous growth in the e-learning sector. This applies particularly to the types of regulatory and legal areas that we specialize in at lawpilots.

How do you motivate yourself? What drives you?

I want to achieve as much as possible while still having fun. It’s not always easy keeping this balance, but you have to strive for it. Trust also plays a major role and I expect maximum performance from myself and the team every day. I see life like an energy system – there are days when you lose a lot of energy, others where you don’t. It’s important to recharge your batteries regularly in order to be able to go full throttle again when you need to. I like being in nature and do a lot of sport – that’s my way of recharging. We want to achieve a lot with lawpilots and I get up highly motivated every morning. I believe in the concept, the product, and the team and we’re well positioned to continue sustainably changing the e-learning market long into the future.

As lawpilots continues to grow, what’s your main focus going forward? Is recruitment a priority?

The aim is to continue growing our team with different strengths and skills so that we’re well positioned to offer a broad spectrum of specialist knowledge training. We’re always on the lookout for agile doers – people who are hands-on and approach tasks and goals with enthusiasm and enjoyment. They’re the ones who are exciting and inspiring to work with. As a team, we make rapid progress, always looking to stay flexible while maintaining momentum. The most important single overall factor is cultural fit – individual skills can always be learned over time.

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