Occupational Safety & Health

Your employees should be your most important asset.

Unfortunately, every business environment provides safety hazards.
With the e-learning Occupational Safety & Health your employees learn how to prevent injuries and hazards in office environments.

In only 25 minutes we cover the topics of safety in the office, safety on the way to work and provide training of what to do in the case of fire.
Additionally, we teach your employees how to give first aid in the case of an emergency.

A certificate will be provided at the end of this online training.


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With this training you prepare your employees to identify and minimize safety hazards and risks.


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  • Get to work safely
    Get to work safely | Commuting accident
  • Be safe in the office
    Workplace and office chair | Dynamic sitting | Stumbles and falls | Lifting and setting down | Carrying
  • Fire safety and what to do if there is a fire
    Fire prevention | What to do in the event of fire | Putting out a fire
  • Stay healthy and provide first aid
    Infection | First aid | Stroke | FAST Test | Psychological stress
  • Do we have to train all employees and if so, how often?
    Yes, you are legally required to train all employees regularly in occupational health and safety.
    A safety failure can have serious consequences, both for your employees and your organization.
    Our training courses create a safety awareness through their pedagogical concept as well as relevant, practical examples and recommendations for everyday work.
  • Do we need to book a course for every employee?
    Yes, lawpilots bills by the number of employees to be trained. You benefit from our volume discounts. We would be happy to make you an offer.
  • Is an exam part of the course?
    Instead of relying on classic multi-choice tests, your employees complete several interactive games during the training, which test the knowledge they have learned. Try our demo for an exam example.
  • Do our employees receive a certificate of participation?
    Yes, after completion of the training all participants will receive a certificate. In addition, you as the client can get access to our legally compliant reporting for supervisory authorities and audits. There you can see an overview of all employees and can display the training certificates. Try it out at www.lawpilots.com/report with the e-mail address demo@b3o7mk.myraidbox.de and the password demo.
  • Many of our employees do not work with computers. Is the course still suitable?
    This course is suited best for office workers. However, the get to work, fire hazard and health chapters are important for every employee.



  • How does the training work?
    1. After booking you will receive a course code (e.g., abc123) for each course, which can be redeemed as often as you have booked seats for your employees.
    2. With the course code, your employees launch the course on www.lawpilots.com/go, choose the version they want and complete the training via desktop, mobile phone or tablet.
    3. Upon completion of a training course, your employees will receive a certificate as a PDF file.
    4. With our reporting you as an employer have access to legally compliant reporting for regulatory authorities and audits.
  • Can we use the course on our internal learning platform or on our intranet?
    Yes, we offer our training courses in all common formats for e-learning platforms (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 1st-4th Edition, AICC or TinCan/xAPI).
    Alternatively, we can embed the training courses directly into your intranet. Contact us for an individual solution.
  • Can I pause and continue the training later?
    Yes, the progress achieved is automatically saved in the browser.
  • Can we adapt the training to our requirements?
    Yes, we can include your logo, your desired contact person and your company colors in our training courses.
    In addition, we can adapt the content of the training, for example to include additional, company-specific regulations or a greeting message from your management. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • How soon can we start training?
    In general, you can start the training on the same day or the following business day after booking. The fastest way is via our online shop.
  • Can our employees still access the content later?
    At the end of the course, participants can download a summary of the most important points as a PDF. In addition, the training stays accessible to all employees as long as the course code is valid.
  • We have to train more employees than we expected at the beginning. How do we proceed?
    If you would like to train additional employees, you can book additional online training courses at any time. You benefit from the discounts already granted on your prior booking.
  • What do we do in a year when we have to go renew the training?
    If you wish, you can renew the online training courses you have booked for subsequent years. We would be happy to prepare an appealing follow-up offer for you.
  • Who do we contact if we encounter problems during training?
    If there are any training problems, our multilingual customer service team will be happy to help you and your staff via live chat, phone or e-mail.
  • Can we import a list of our employees in advance?
    Yes, we can import your employees into our reporting in advance. This way you can always see who has not completed the training.
  • How long can we use the course?
    In general, you have one year to use up your course codes.
  • What are the technical requirements? Do we need sound? Does the course run on my mobile phone?
    You don’t have to install anything, all training courses run directly on the browser. We support all modern desktop and mobile browsers starting from Internet Explorer 11. All audio content is also available as a transcript.

Legal terms


  • Where is the data stored?
    The subscriber data is stored on a Deutsche Telekom server in Germany that meets the highest data protection requirements.
  • Can we sign a DPA with lawpilots?
    Yes, we offer a standardized data processing agreement.
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