These companies train their employees with lawpilots


These companies train their employees with lawpilots

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Our training topics

Legal and regulatory topics are too important to be complicated. The e-learning courses from lawpilots focus on the relevant content in a way that is easy to understand. And using a mix of practical examples, gamification, and storytelling, the knowledge is anchored in the memory of your employees for longer than the most catchy of songs.

Data Protection

Our data protection e-learning courses will ensure that the GDPR is easily understood by all your employees. After just 45 minutes, your employees will have a lasting awareness of data protection and know exactly how to protect personal data. Discover our industry and position-specific data protection training in more than 35 different language and country versions.

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IT Security

95% of all cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. Our innovative e-learning courses will help you to transform your employees from the greatest risk to the greatest protection for your company’s IT security. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) also recommends regular staff training. You can do this easily, flexibly and effectively with lawpilots.

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Compliance violations can be expensive. Our compliance e-learning courses will train your employees creatively, in a varied and enjoyable way. During the process, they will be effectively made aware of topics such as equal treatment, corruption prevention or cartel law. Your staff will learn to avoid undesirable behaviour in the working environment and at the workplace and to act in accordance with the regulations, thereby protecting your company.

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Occupational Health & Safety

Employee safety should be the top priority for any company. The exciting and entertaining content of our e-learning courses on occupational health & safety will teach your staff how to successfully avoid injuries and hazards in the workplace and how to make everyday work safe. At the same time, you will fulfil the requirements of the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) or the employers’ liability insurance associations and the statutory accident insurance.

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ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) and the associated sustainability and social responsibility is the central topic of our time. It ensures the future viability of your company and creates real added value for your company, your employees, and society as a whole. In order for this to be successful, the entire staff must be involved, and ESG criteria must be firmly anchored in your corporate culture. Our e-learning courses make it very easy for you to achieve this.

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Why lawpilots?

Companies’ legal and regulatory challenges have risen sharply in recent years, leading to uncertainty and wrong actions among employees. Their know-how is crucial for the future success of your company. With our e-learning courses, we activate the swarm competence in your organization and create a learning process that has a lasting effect.

Innovative learning methodology

Exceptional expertise

Our employee training courses are multi-award winning, developed with legal experts and educational psychologists, always up-to-date and forward-looking.

What our customers say

Our client testimonials

93% of our training course participants recommend us to others. We are currently working on the last 7%! Read our customer testimonials now and discover a new reality.

The training from lawpilots met our requirements very well.

The training from lawpilots met our requirements very well.

The easy-to-understand preparation of the content and the user-friendly interface of the online training on the GDPR by lawpilots convinced us. The interactive design of the theoretical content and the built-in video sequences provide sustainable training on the topic. The training from lawpilots met our requirements very well.

Cathrin Vischer
Senior Vice President Human Resources

Especially the playful approach to learning objectives, have set completely new standards here.

Especially the playful approach to learning objectives, have set completely new standards here.

Due to their strictly mandatory nature, compliance training is always an unloved stepchild, for both, L&D managers and learners. The media-rich methodology of the lawpilots solution, but especially the playful approach to learning objectives, have set completely new standards here. In addition, we benefited from the very flexible collaboration, which enabled us to achieve the best mix of generally available building blocks and the implementation of our company-specific requirements.

Christian Gauss-Kuntze
Senior Product Manager Training

The e-learning course exceeds our expectations.

The e-learning course exceeds our expectations.

The e-learning exceeds our expectations. It fits perfectly into our Bold Campaign, which aims to shorten internal mandatory compliance training and make it available online. It’s interactive, takes only 15 minutes, and participants enjoy doing it. Above all, we think the modern learning concept and the introductory video are excellent. We are more than satisfied with the cooperation with lawpilots, especially because requested changes always get implemented within a short period.

Dorothee Patzer
Compliance Officer

The first e-learning courses your employees will want popcorn to

We convey legal and regulatory topics to your staff in such an exciting way that they immediately look forward to the continuation after completing an e-learning course.

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