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5. November 2021

Does the CCPA require your employees to be trained on data privacy?

The California Consumer Privacy Act, Section 1798.135(a)(3), states that companies must ensure that all employees responsible for handling consumer inquiries regarding the company’s privacy practices are aware of all consumer requirements and rights.

The consumer has the following rights under Section 1798.120: 

  • the right to opt out of the sale of personal information to third parties
  • the right to be informed that the consumer has the right to opt out

The Company must ensure, in accordance with Section 1798.135, that:

  • a link is available on the homepage with the headline: “Do not sell my personal data”.
  • a description of the consumer rights is available

How companies should train their employees

The CCPA itself says little about the training requirements for companies. 

Nonetheless, it’s recommended that CCPA-specific training should be provided for all employees involved in handling consumer inquiries, in designing mechanisms for the exercise of consumer rights, or in drafting sales contracts.

All other employees should be trained in the unique rights and obligations contained in the CCPA, as a complement to data protection training

Interactive and engaging CCPA training from lawpilots

Our comprehensive 45-minute online training turns the complexity of CCPA into an easily-understandable set of principles and best practices. Through multimedia content, real-life examples, and interactive elements, our CCPA training teaches your employees with the essentials of  data privacy.

Check out our online training for yourself —  and ensure that your employees and your company are equipped to comply with the latest rules on data privacy and consumer rights. Test our demo today!

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